Thanks a 20k!!


Well, a milestone has been reached. Total visits to my blog have crossed a small number… well, small for most pro-bloggers, writers but, is a significantly huge for a naive, capricious writer like me. The number is 20k. Had somebody told me the blog will get 20k hits in just over two and a half years, what would have I responded? I wouldn’t have said a single word thinking the person making fun of me. But the stint of two and a half years has been electrifying & sensational.

Still remember the very day when I published my first story त्या रात्री पाऊस होता, hardly had shared it with anybody than with a couple of mates. Thanks to those guys who passed the link on to their friends, the story soon got an unbelievably positive response which I never had anticipated. The things turn around then; was a huge confidence boost, and gave birth to a beetle bug which is whining continuously for different ideas. Some of those just didn’t come up good, I’m holding them back. Some are still in midway, slowly but surely approaching the desired and satisfactory finish.

Some readers complain that I take ages to post a new story. They left comments, emailed me about this but, to be honest, I’m a whimsical and not a pro writer. So it takes a lot out of me for a story to turn out the way I wanted. The average posting time is about 6 month a story… now that is disappointing, I know. But I prefer to be asked “When posting?” than “Why posting?” 😀

Time for some stats now-

The most hits earned by त्या रात्री पाऊस होता followed by अहो चहा घेताय ना?, कुणास्तव.. कुणीतरी, व्हेलेंटाइन डे and पत्रास कारण की. पत्रास कारण की is still young and I’m hoping it will grow tall.
Most visitors came from India, of course, with about 78%, followed by US (10%), UK (5%), Middle East (3%), Australia (2%). Other regions like Singapore, France, Japan, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Algeria also have had their share.

Considering comment count, the most liked story is अहो चहा घेताय ना? followed by त्या रात्री पाऊस होता and पत्रास कारण की.

Most readers came from, as many of you shared it on FB. published त्या रात्री पाऊस होता, a couple of stories will soon be published in an e-magazine, and some good chances for one of stories to be published in the “Diwali issue” of a leading newspaper.

I would like to thank a number of people. Foremostly, the readers… the obligers, the subscribers of blog, the ‘readaholic’ & well-wisher friends, different blog index sites (,,, open communities (,, as vast traffic flown in from all these along with FB, and last but not the least my better half… my first reader, the encourager, the supporter and a wonderful critic!!

Keep visiting!!

Thank you again… thanks a 20k!!